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By admin: Nov. 14, 2022

1. Sri Lanka to host U-19 Men's T-20 World Cup 2024

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Sri Lanka to host U-19 Men's T-20 World Cup 2024

The International cricket governing body International Cricket Council (ICC) on 13 November 2022, announced host countries for U19 events between 2024 and 2027. The name of the host was announced after the Board meeting of the ICC was held at Melbourne, Australia on 12 November 2022.

The ICC U19 Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup 2024 will be hosted by Sri Lanka while the 2026 edition will be staged in Zimbabwe and Namibia.

The ICC U19 Women’s T20 World Cup 2025 will be held in Malaysia and Thailand, and the 2027 event will be jointly hosted by Bangladesh and Nepal.

The first ever ICC U19 Women’s T20 world cup will be held in South Africa in January 2023.

ICC also declared the qualification pathway for the 10-team 2024 women’s T20 World Cup to be hosted by Bangladesh.  Eight teams will qualify for the event automatically comprising the top three teams from each group from 2023, T20 World Cup.

The remaining two teams will be identified through the 10-team ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Global Qualifier.

The qualification pathway for the 14-team men’s World Cup 2027 was also decided with ten teams gaining automatic qualification. The remaining four teams will qualify via the ICC CWC Global Qualifier.

The ICC men’s World Cup ODI 2027 will be jointly hosted by South Africa, Zimbabwe and Namibia.