Scientists discover new drought-resistant wheat gene

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Scientists discover new drought-resistant wheat gene

Scientists at the John Innes Centre, Norwich, England in collaboration with an international team of researchers, discovered the new ‘reduced height’ or semi-dwarf gene called Rht13 of wheat.

Important facts

  • Rht13 is a new drought-resistant semi-dwarf wheat gene that can be grown in dry soils.

  • This has raised a new hope for sowing wheat crops in water limited or drought prone environments.

  • These genes allow seeds to be planted deeper into the soil, providing access to moisture, without adverse effects on germination of wheat varieties.

  • Wheat varieties containing the Rht13 gene can rapidly increase yields and enable farmers to grow reduced hight wheat under dry soil conditions.

  • Since the 1960s and the Green Revolution, short height genes have increased global wheat yields and improved their sustainable potential.

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