PM addresses Manipur Sangai Festival via video message

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PM addresses Manipur Sangai Festival via video message

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the Manipur Sangai Festival via video message on 30 November.

Important facts

  • Every year the State of Manipur celebrates the “Manipur Sangai Festival” from 21st to 30th November.

  • It started in the year 2010 and over the years has grown into a great platform to showcase the rich tradition and culture of Manipur to the world.

  • The theme of the festival is “Festival of Oneness”. It promotes a sense of belonging and creates pride in ownership of land among people.

  • The festival showcases the glorious cultural heritage of the state and the love for art that is inherent in the various tribes living in the state of Manipur.

  • Manipur’s famous martial arts- Thang Ta (a combination Spear and Sword skills), Yubi-Lakpi (a game played with greased coconut like rugby), Mukna Kangjei (a game that combines hockey and wrestling), and Sagol Kangjei- Modern Polo (believed to have evolved in Manipur) were all form part of the festival.

  • Celebrated as the grandest festival in the state, the Manipur Sangai Festival helps in promoting Manipur as a world-class tourist destination.

  • The festival is named after the state animal, the Sangai, a deer found only in Manipur.

About Sangai Deer

  • It is an endemic and endangered subspecies of brow-antlered deer found only in Manipur, India.

  • It is found in its natural habitat only in Keibul Lamjao National Park, locally in the south eastern part of Loktak Lake.

  • It is the state animal of Manipur. 

  • IUCN status : Endangered

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