AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023 Naval Exercise

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AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023 Naval ExerciseIndian Navy ships INS TARKASH and INS SUBHADRA arrived at Port Al-Jubail in Saudi Arabia on 21st May.

An overview of the news

  • The visit of these ships marks the beginning of the harbor phase of the second edition of the naval exercise between the two countries, known as 'Al-Mohad Al-Hindi 2023'.

  • This year the naval exercise also includes the participation of a Maritime Patrol Aircraft.

  • During the exercise, naval forces from both countries will engage in joint maneuvers, training activities, and exchange of expertise.

  • The exercise will focus on enhancing maritime security capabilities and promoting interoperability between the two navies.

  • The inaugural edition of the exercise was successfully conducted in 2021.

About Al-Mohed Al-Hindi Exercise

  • The decision on this bilateral exercise between India and Saudi Arabia was taken at the Riyadh summit held in 2019.

  • Its aim is to carry out tactical maneuvers, search and rescue operations, and an electronic warfare drill to enhance interoperability.

  • It aims to strengthen the defense ties between India and Saudi Arabia.

Importance of the Exercise

  • AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023 signifies the growing strategic partnership between India and Saudi Arabia in the defense sector.

  • The exercise will provide an opportunity for both navies to learn from each other's experiences and improve their operational capabilities.

  • The naval exercise also serves as a platform for fostering diplomatic relations and strengthening regional security cooperation.

  • The successful conduct of AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2023 may pave the way for future collaborations in defense technology, intelligence sharing, and joint defense projects.

  • The exercise contributes to maintaining stability and security in the region by promoting cooperation and mutual understanding between the Indian and Saudi Arabian navies.

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