China launches world's first methane-fuelled space rocket

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China's ZhuQue-2 Y-2 became the world's first methane-fuelled rocket to successfully reach orbit.

An Overview of the News

  • The methane-powered rocket, known as Metalox, followed the anticipated trajectory and completed its flight as planned.

  • Methane engines provide improved performance while significantly reducing operating costs, contributing to the advancement of reusable rocket technology.

  • Metalox rockets use methane as the fuel and liquid oxygen (LOX) as the oxidizer, with specific design considerations compared to conventional rockets.

  • Methane offers advantages as a rocket propellant, including high energy density, favourable combustion characteristics, and wide availability.

Important Point

  • Landspace has become the second private Chinese company to successfully launch a liquid-propellant rocket.

  • Beijing Tianbing Technology successfully launched the kerosene-oxygen rocket.

About China

  • Capital: Beijing

  • Official language: Mandarin

  • CCP General Secretary, President, CMC Chairman - Xi Jinping

  • Congress President - Zhao Leji

  • CPPCC Chairman - Wang Huning

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