Diesel to be replaced by renewable energy in Agriculture by 2024

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The Government of India has set a target to replace the use of diesel by renewable energy  in the agriculture sector by 2024.  

  • Agriculture sector after transportation sector is the second largest consumer of diesel in India.

  • Diesel is used by farmers for running pumps for  irrigation purposes , harvesters, threshers , and running tractors.

  • Diesel is the most-popular fuel, accounting for about 40% of India’s petroleum sales.

Green Energy Target 

 According to the Union Power Minister R.K.Singh ,the Government of India has set a target of 500 GigaWatt(GW) of installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 .

It has  also set a target that by 2030 the contribution of the non -renewable  source of energy in total energy production shall be 50 %.


Fossil Fuels

 It is a hydrocarbon fuel which is formed due to decomposition of organic  materials like tree, animals over a period of time . Petroleum, Natural Gas, Coal are examples of fossil fuels.  They are  burned for energy production.

Renewable Energy 

The  energy derived from natural processes that are replenished at a rate that is equal to or faster than the rate at which they are consumed. For eg Sun(solar energy,), river  (hydel energy). Wind, hot springs (geothermal energy), biomass(bio-fuels), Tides(tidal energy ).

Non-Renewable Energy 

The energy source which cannot be replenished during human lifetime is called non-renewable energy . Eg. Fossil fuels  If we use  1 kg coal for producing power then the formation of  new 1kg of coal by nature will take millions of years to form to replace the consumed coal.


The total renewable energy installed capacity in India as on 30 September 2021 was 150.54 GW.of which 

  • Solar energy was 48.55 GW, 

  • Large Hydroelectric energy was  46.51 GW

  • Wind energy was 40.03 GW, 

  •  Biomass energy was 10.62 GW. and

  • Small Hydroelectric energy was  4.83 GW, 

India has the fourth largest installed wind power capacity in the world after China, U.S and Germany.

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