Former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu released Ranjit Pratap's book 'As the Wheel Turns'

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book-'As-the-Wheel-Turns'Former Vice President Venkaiah Naidu released a new book "As the Wheel Turns" authored by Ranjit Pratap, Managing Director of Rayala Corporation.

An Overview of the News

  • The book marks the Diamond Jubilee of Rayala Corporation, and provides a captivating account of Ranjit Pratap's extraordinary journey in the business world.

  • "As the Wheel Turns" aims to inspire readers by sharing Ranjit Pratap's personal experiences, struggles and successes.

  • The book coincides with Ranjit Pratap's celebration of 50 years in business, during which he joined the group companies in March 1973 and made a significant impact on the business landscape.

  • Each chapter of the book vividly depicts the ups and downs, personal growth and professional achievements that shaped Ranjit Pratap's corporate journey of half a century.

  • The title "As the wheel turns" symbolises the cyclical nature of life and business, emphasising the importance of adaptability and flexibility in the face of change.

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