Government allows self enumeration for Census 2021

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The Government of India has changed the Census Rules 1990 to allow self enumeration and capturing and storing of data in electronic format .

  • The 2021 Population census will be held in both digital and through paper modes where respondents are asked a set of questions by the census enumerator and the response of the respondent is recorded.

  • The self enumeration means the respondent has to fill the census form and then submit it through mobile phone.

  •  Census enumerators are those who conduct census . They are mainly government employees and government school teachers.

  • The 2021 census will be conducted in two phases . The first phase called “Houselisting  and Housing census” along with updating the National Population Register (NPP) was scheduled to be held from April 2020 but was postponed due to the corona pandemic . The second and the main phase “Population Enumeration “ was to be concluded by March 2021. However it has been delayed due to the corona pandemic.


  • The first population census in India was held in 1872 under Viceroy Lord Mayo but it didn't cover all of India .

  • The first proper census was conducted in 1881 under Viceroy Lord Rippon  and after that census was conducted every 10 years .

  • After Independence the census was conducted under Census act 1948.

  • Census is conducted by the Registrar General Population under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • The 16th Census will be held in 2021.

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