IAF's 'Tarang Shakti' multinational exercise rescheduled

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IAF's-'Tarang-Shakti'-multinational-exercise-rescheduledThe 'Tarang Shakti' multinational military exercise originally planned for October has been postponed to mid-2024.

An Overview of the News

  • The Indian Air Force (IAF) will host the 'Tarang Shakti' multinational military exercise.

  • The rescheduling was due to several participating air forces being unable to attend this year's event.

Miscellaneous Partnership:

  • 'Tarang Shakti' will include several major air forces such as France, the UK, Australia, the US, and Japan.

  • These countries will contribute fighter jets, military transport aircraft, and mid-air refuellers to the exercise.

  • In addition, six other countries have been invited as observers, highlighting the global importance of the exercise.

Objectives of 'Tarang Shakti':

  • Expected to involve around 12 air forces, 'Tarang Shakti' aims to showcase international cooperation and military capabilities.

  • The main goal of the exercise is to enhance military coordination and promote seamless interaction between the participating nations.

  • The exercise is set to be India's most comprehensive air exercise, underscoring its growing role in global military cooperation.

Recent International Exercises of IAF:

  • In April, the Indian Air Force sent four Rafale jets, two C-17 aircraft, and two IL-78 mid-air refueling aircraft for a multinational air exercise at the Mont-de-Marsan military base in France.

  • Another notable incident involved four Rafale fighter jets carrying out a "strategic" mission over the Indian Ocean region lasting more than six hours.

  • It showcased the combat capabilities of the advanced aircraft and showcased India's air power launch capabilities.

  • Additionally, the Indian and US air forces conducted the Cope India exercise in locations such as Kalaikunda, Panagarh, and Agra, involving US assets such as B1 bomber jets and F-15 fighter aircraft. This highlighted the strong cooperation between the two countries.

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