India Bans Non-basmati White Rice Exports

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India-Bans-Non-basmati-White-Rice-ExportsIndia banned the export of non-basmati white rice to stabilise the volatility in retail prices within the country.

An Overview of the News 

  • This decision was taken by the Ministry of Food and Consumer Affairs.

  • The ban applies to all exports of "non-basmati white rice".

  • India's decision is significant as it is the world's leading rice exporter.

  • An exemption from the ban will be granted to countries that request the export of white rice.

  • Countries seeking exceptions must meet their own food safety requirements and obtain formal approval from their respective governments.

  • The primary objective of the ban is to stabilise the volatility of retail prices within India.

  • Two major challenges affecting India's rice production are global food prices affected by the war in Ukraine and unpredictable weather conditions, including heavy monsoon rains in northern rice-growing states and insufficient rainfall in other regions.

Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT):

  • DGFT is an important agency under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

  • Its headquarter is in New Delhi, India.

  • DGFT plays an important role in regulating and enforcing laws related to foreign trade.

  • One of its major responsibilities is to formulate and implement foreign trade policy.

  • The foreign trade policy aims to promote India's export activities and create a conducive environment for international trade.

  • The current Director General of DGFT is Amit Yadav.

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