India launches 'Hello UPI' and 'Bharat BillPay Connect' for voice-activated conversational payments.

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  • National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) launched two conversational payments initiatives: 'Hello UPI' and 'Bharat BillPay Connect.'

An Overview of the News

  • These initiatives were unveiled at the Global Fintech Fest with the goal of increasing user convenience and accessibility in digital transactions.

'Hello UPI':-

  • 'Hello UPI' enables users to make payments through interactive interactions using their smartphones.

  • It simplifies various payment tasks, including splitting restaurant bills, sending money to friends, and settling utility bills.

Multilingual Access: 

  • NPCI's 'Hello UPI' supports voice-enabled UPI payments in both Hindi and English.

  • There are plans to expand language support to include other regional languages, ensuring inclusivity for a wider user base.

Collaborative Development: 

  • NPCI collaborated with the Bhashini Program at IIT Madras and AI4India to jointly develop a payment language model in Hindi and English.

  • This collaboration promotes the advancement of indigenous technology and contributes to the success of these interactive payment initiatives.

Bharat BillPay Connect:-

  • Streamlining Bill Payments: BillPay Connect aims to streamline the bill payment process by enabling users to easily pay their bills using natural interactions with popular voice assistants like Alexa.

  • Accessibility for all users: This initiative is designed to cater to a wide range of users with different levels of technical proficiency. Whether individuals have access to a feature phone, smartphone, or merchant soundbox, digital bill payment has become accessible to all.

  • Instant Voice Confirmation: Users can easily retrieve and settle their bills through voice commands on smart home devices and receive instant voice confirmation. Additionally, this facility extends to bill payments made at physical collection centers through Payment Soundbox devices.

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