India surpasses China to become most populous country in the world

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According to projections by the World Population Review (WPR), India has surpassed China as the world’s most populous nation.

An overview of the news

  • As per WPR, India’s population was 141.7 crore as of the end of 2022.

  • According to official announcements, India's population is a little over 5 million, compared to 141.2 million declared by China on 17 January.

  • As per WPR estimates, India's population has increased to 142.3 crore as of January 18.

  • India, with 50 percent of its population below the age of 30, is poised to be the fastest growing major economy in the world.

  • According to WPR, although India's population growth has slowed down, it will still increase till at least 2050.

  • India, the third largest economy in Asia, is currently self-sufficient in food production.

  • India ranks second in terms of production of rice, wheat and sugar.

  • Apart from being a major importer of edible oils, India is also the largest consumer of sugar.

  • India is the third largest market for the purchase of crude oil, the second largest consumer of steel and gold.

  • In addition, India is the third largest domestic aviation market in the world.

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