India to send three person to 6,000 metre below sea level under Samudrayaan Mission

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India will send three men six thousand metres below sea level to search for mineral resources under the Samudrayaan mission.

An overview of the news

  • Earth Sciences Minister Dr Jitendra Singh said, a vehicle named MATSYA 6000 will carry three people and this mission is expected to be realized in the next three years.

  • The vehicle is being designed and developed by the National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai.

  • It can bear 12 hours under normal operation and 96 hours under emergency for human safety.

  • PM Narendra Modi mentioned the Deep Ocean Mission in his Independence Day address for two consecutive years in 2021 and 2022.

About Samudrayaan Mission

  • It is a part of the Deep Ocean Mission.

  • It was announced by the National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) with ISRO's Gaganyaan mission.

  • It aims to develop a self-propelled manned submersible to carry 3 humans to a depth of 6000 meters in the ocean with scientific sensors and equipment for deep sea exploration.

  • Under this mission, a manned submersible vehicle named MATSYA 6000 will be sent for deep underwater studies.

What is the Deep Ocean Mission?

  • It was approved by the Ministry of Earth Sciences in June 2021.

  • It aims to explore deep sea marine resources, develop deep sea technology for sustainable utilization of ocean resources and support the blue economy initiatives of the Government of India.

  • The cost of the mission is about Rs 4,077 crore over a period of five years and will be implemented in phases.

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