India's first road constructed from steel slag inaugurated in Surat

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Union Steel Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh on June 15 inaugurated the first 6-lane highway built using steel slag in Gujarat's Surat city to connect the port with the city.

  • The road, built using 100 percent steel-processed slag, is a true example of "converting waste into wealth" and improving the sustainability of steel plants.

  • The Minister emphasized the need to promote circular economy and resource efficiency by converting all waste into money.

  • Promoting a circular economy is the need of the hour as all types of natural resources are getting depleted in the world.

  • The use of such material in road construction will not only increase the durability but will also help in reducing the cost of construction as the slag-based material has better properties.

  • The production of steel slag through various processes in India is expected to increase by 2030.

  • What is a steel slag road?

  • The slag is generated from a steel furnace burning at around 1,500-1,600 degree centigrade in the form of molten flux material as an impurity.

  • The molten material is then poured into slag pits for cooling as per the optimized process and further processed to develop stable steel slag aggregates.

  • It is a substitute for natural aggregates commonly used in road construction with better physical properties.

  • What is a circular economy?

  • In the current economy, products are made from materials taken from the earth, and they are finally thrown away as waste.

  • In a circular economy, by contrast, we first stop producing waste.

  • In such an economy, all kinds of waste such as clothing, scrap metals and obsolete electronics are returned to the economy or used more efficiently.

  • The circular economy is based on three principles-

  1. Eliminate waste and pollution

  2. Circulating products and materials (at their highest value)

  3. Nature of regenerate 

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