Judith Suminwa Tuluka becomes the first female Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Judith Suminwa Tuluka has been appointed as Congo's first female Prime Minister under President Félix Tshisekedi on April 1, 2024, amid a political realignment following the resignation of Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde.

An Overview of the News:

  • In January 2024, President Tshisekedi was sworn in for a second five-year term. After this Prime Minister Tuluka was appointed.

Constitutional Mobility:

  • According to the Constitution of the DRC, the President cooperates with the Prime Minister, who is elected from the largest legislative party.

Challenges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC):

  • The DRC, which is endowed with abundant natural resources such as copper, uranium, cobalt and diamonds, is struggling with ongoing violence and instability, particularly in its eastern provinces.

  • The situation is worsened by tensions with neighboring Rwanda, which is accused of providing support to militia groups such as the March 23 Movement, which has led to mass displacement of civilians.

About the Democratic Republic of Congo:

  • Central Africa is the second largest country in Africa after Algeria. Known as the Republic of Zaire until 1971, it gained independence from Belgium in 1960.

  • Kinshasa, the capital, is located next to the Congo River, the second longest river in Africa after the Nile River.

  • Congo is the only river in the world that crosses the equator twice.

  • Its currency is the Congolese franc.

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