Law panel to examine simultaneous elections

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The Union Law Minister told the Lok Sabha that the Law Commission had been sent to prepare a workable road map for holding simultaneous Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections and a roadmap in this regard could be prepared.

Important facts

  • A parliamentary committee had examined the issue of simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies in consultation with various stakeholders, including the Election Commission (EC).

  • The committee has made some recommendations in this regard.

  • The 21st Law Commission in its draft report had said that it is feasible to hold simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and State Legislatures which need to be conducted.

What are simultaneous polls?

  • At present, elections to state assemblies and Lok Sabha are held separately.

  • Simultaneous Poll is about structuring elections in India in such a way that elections to the Lok Sabha and state assemblies can be held simultaneously.

  • The idea of "One Nation, One Election" envisages a system where elections to all the states and the Lok Sabha should be held simultaneously.

  • The matter has been referred to the Law Commission for further investigation to prepare a practical roadmap for simultaneous elections to the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies.

Need of simultaneous election

  • It minimizes labour, time and expenditure in the conduct of elections.

  • There is duplication of expenditure in preparing a separate electoral roll.

  • This reduces the burden on the administrative system and the security forces.

  • The Law Commission in its 255th report in 2015 had recommended simultaneous elections for a single electoral roll.

  • This ensures timely implementation of the policies of the government.

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