Ministry of Culture and Indian Navy Collaborate to Revive “Ancient Stitched Shipbuilding Method (Tankai Method)”

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Ancient-Stitched-Shipbuilding-Method-(Tankai-Method)The Ministry of Culture and the Indian Navy collaborated to revive the 2000-year-old 'Stitched Shipbuilding Method'.

An Overview of the News

  • A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed on July 18, 2023 for 'Stitched Shipbuilding Method'.

'Stitched Shipbuilding Method':

  • In traditional shipbuilding techniques, wooden planks are stitched together without the use of nails.

  • Provides flexibility and stability, making vessels resilient to shallows and sandbars.

  • This declined with the arrival of European ships but small fishing boats survived in some Indian coastal areas.

Indian Navy Participation

  • The Indian Navy oversees the project because of its expertise in maritime security and shipbuilding.

  • Its objective is to ensure the successful implementation of the ancient sewing method.

Cultural Values and Heritage

  • For India, the revival of a vanishing art has significant cultural value.

  • It is part of India's rich maritime heritage.

  • It aims to create a sea-going wooden stitched sailing ship showcasing traditional craftsmanship.

Exploration of Historic Sea Routes

  • The ship will ply on ancient sea routes using traditional navigational techniques.

  • The project seeks to gain insight into the historical interactions, exchange of culture, knowledge, traditions and technologies in the Indian Ocean.

Preservation of Maritime Memory

  • Its importance lies in preserving maritime memory and fostering a sense of pride in India's heritage.

  • Its objective is to promote cultural relations among the littoral countries of the Indian Ocean.

Documentation and Cataloging

  • Detailed documentation and cataloguing of the project to preserve valuable information for future generations.

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