MP Govt to launch CM Learn and Earn scheme

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In Madhya Pradesh, the Chief Minister's Learn and Earn scheme is set to be launched with the aim of providing employable skills to the youth.

An overview of the news

  • Chief Minister's Learn and Earn scheme in Madhya Pradesh focuses on providing training, financial support, and employment opportunities to the youth.

  • By identifying numerous work areas and involving various industries, the scheme aims to equip the young workforce with the necessary skills to enhance their employability and contribute to the state's development.

Salient Features of the Scheme

Work Areas Identification

  • A total of 703 work areas have been identified for training purposes under this scheme. 

  • These work areas cover a wide range of industries and sectors, ensuring diverse opportunities for skill development.

Allowance Provision

  • A significant aspect of the Learn and Earn scheme is that it not only focuses on skill acquisition but also provides financial support to the youth. 

  • Participants in the scheme will receive a monthly allowance ranging from Rs 8,000 to 10,000.

  • This allowance aims to assist the youth in meeting their financial needs while they learn and work.

Government's Commitment

  • Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has expressed the government's continuous efforts to bridge the gap between youth and employment. 

  • The Learn and Earn scheme is a proactive measure taken by the government to address the issue of unemployment by equipping young individuals with necessary skills.

Training Opportunities

  • The scheme targets the training of at least one lakh youth. 

  • To facilitate this, the registration process will commence for establishments providing training to the youth, starting today.

  • Simultaneously, registration for the youth interested in acquiring work-related skills will commence from 15th June. 

  • The selected youth will commence their work from 1st August, thereby creating a structured timeline for skill development and subsequent employment.

Madhya Pradesh

  • In terms of area, it is the second largest state of India after Rajasthan.

  • According to the Indian Forest Status Report-2021, Madhya Pradesh has the maximum forest cover in the country in terms of area.

  • 25.14% of its area is covered by forests.

  • Governor - Mangubhai Patel

  • Chief Minister - Shivraj Singh Chouhan

  • Capital -Bhopal

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