NASA launches world's most powerful James Webb telescope

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  •  World most powerful space telescope, the James Webb telescope was successfully launched on 25 December 2021. It is more powerful than the Hubble space telescope launched by NASA in 1990.
  • The James Webb telescope mission was launched by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the U.S. in association with the European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency.

Aim of the Mission 

  • The aim of the mission is to seek the light from the first galaxies in the early universe and to explore our own solar system to understand the origin of our universe, as well as planets orbiting other stars, called exoplanets.
  • Its mirror measures 6.5 metres (21 feet) in diameter — three times the size of Hubble's mirror — and is made of 18 hexagonal sections.

From where it was launched 

  • The telescope was launched on board Ariane -5 rocket of the European Space Agency from its European Spaceport located near Kourou, French Guiana in South America.

Where it will be deployed 

  • The location of Webb’s orbit is called the Lagrange 2 point which is around 15 lakh kilometers from Earth and  it was chosen in part because it will keep the Earth, the Sun and the Moon all on the same side of its sun shield.
  • Webb is expected to officially enter service in June.

Why was it named Webb telescope 

The telescope has been named after the NASA director James Webb who was an integral part of the Apollo mission from 1961-1966. The Apollo mission of NASA was to put man on the surface of the Moon.

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