NASA postpones launch of Artemis 1 mission to Moon due to malfunctioning core stage engine

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NASA has postponed the launch of the Artemis 1 mission to the Moon on August 29 due to a faulty core stage engine.


  • The launch was postponed due to fuel leakage and engine problems.
  • After many years of hard work, the US space agency was going to send its mission to the Moon.
  • The mission is important because in view of its success, humans have to be sent to the moon in the future.
  • Once launched, Artemis 1 will test the Orion spacecraft, which will orbit the Moon and one day take human crew members there.
  • The cost of Artemis 1 is estimated at $4 billion. 

What is Artemis 1?

  • It is named after the mythical twin sister of Apollo, Artemis.
  • This spacecraft is the world's most powerful rocket, capable of carrying more payloads into deep space than any other vehicle.
  • The first flight of the new Space Launch System (SLS), Artemis 1 is a heavy-lift vehicle.
  • Artemis 1 is an uncrewed mission.
  • It will have three test dummies – Helga, Zohar and Moonikin Campos – equipped with sensors to measure vibrations, cosmic radiation and other conditions.
  • During the six-week long mission, Artemis 1 and the capsule will cover a distance of about 65,000 km to the Moon.

Why was the launch postponed?

  • The launch was postponed due to a fault in the RS-25 engine, which had to be mixed with liquid hydrogen and oxygen to condition it before launch.
  • One of its engines was not bleeding as expected.
  • The launch was postponed because the launch team was unable to resolve these issues.
  • A crack was also visible on the side of the inner tank.

About Artemis 1 mission :

  • For the first time in 50 years since the end of the Apollo program, the launch of Artemis 1 is an ambitious US mission to return astronauts to the surface of the Moon.
  • The Artemis 1 launch will also be the first flight of NASA's 21st century moon-exploration program.
  • With Artemis 1 on the surface of the Moon, NASA aims to demonstrate new technologies, business approaches and capabilities that are essential for future explorations, including Mars.
  • The launch aims to further aid in the study of the Moon, its origin and history.

ISRO’s Moon Exploration Mission :

  • Chandrayaan 1 
  • Chandrayaan-2 
  • The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recently announced India's third lunar mission Chandrayaan-3, which will consist of a lander and a rover.

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