Most suicides reported from Maharashtra

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According to the latest report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Maharashtra has the highest number of suicides. Tamil Nadu comes in second place and Madhya Pradesh comes in third place.


  • According to the report, 1,64,033 people committed suicide across the country in 2021 as against 1,53,052 in the year 2020.
  • According to this report, there has been an increase of 7.2 percent in the cases of suicide in the year 2021 as compared to 2020. At the same time, the suicide rate has increased by 6.2 percent.

  • Maharashtra has reported the highest number of suicides at 22,207 in the year 2021. This is followed by Tamil Nadu with 18,925 suicides, Madhya Pradesh 14,965, West Bengal 13,500 and Karnataka 13,056.

  • The NCRB has said in its report that these five states alone account for 50.4 per cent of the total number of suicides across the country. The remaining 49.6 percent cases have been reported in other 23 states and eight union territories.

In Union Territories :

  • In the year 2021, Delhi has reported the highest number of suicide cases among union territories.

  • Delhi recorded 2840 suicide cases, followed by Puducherry with 504 cases.

  • The all-India rate of suicide in 2021 was 12 percent.

Road accident deaths in 2021 :

  • There were about 4.22 lakh traffic related accidents in the country in 2021. In which 1.73 lakh people lost their lives.

  • Uttar Pradesh had the highest death toll of 24,711 followed by Tamil Nadu at 16,685 and Maharashtra at 16,446.

About National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) :

  • NCRB was established in 1986 under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • It was established on the basis of the recommendations of the National Police Commission (1977–1981) and the Task Force of the Ministry of Home Affairs (1985).

  • The NCRB collects annual comprehensive statistics of crime across the country ('Crime in India' report).

  • The main objective of NCRB is to modernise India's police and empower it in information technology.

Major Publications :

  • Crime in india report

  • Accidental death and suicide

  • Prison statistics

  • Reports of missing women and children in India

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