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NASA is planning to launch a mission named "DAVINCI Mission". DAVINCI stands for "Deep Atmosphere Venus Investigation of Noble Gases, Chemistry and Imaging Mission".

  • About DAVINCI Mission

  • This mission will fly near Venus in 2029 and explore its harsh atmosphere.

  • It will reach the surface of Venus by June 2031.

  • The mission will capture data about Venus, which scientists have been trying to measure since the early 1980s.

  • DAVINCI Spacecraft Chemistry Laboratory

  • The DAVINCI spacecraft will serve as a flight chemistry laboratory.

  • It can measure various aspects of Venus's atmosphere and climate.

  • The spacecraft's instruments will be able to map the surface of Venus as well as trace the composition of the mountain highlands of Venus.

  • About the planet Venus

  • It is the second planet in terms of distance from the Sun. Due to its structural resemblance to Earth, it is also called the twin planet of the Earth.

  • The atmosphere on Venus is quite dense and toxic, consisting mainly of carbon dioxide gas and sulfuric acid clouds.

  • Venus is one of only two planets that rotate from east to west. Only Venus and Uranus rotate like this.

  • On Venus, one day-night cycle is equal to 117 Earth days because Venus rotates around the Sun in the opposite direction of its orbital rotation.

  • Venus related missions

  • ISRO Shukrayan: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is also planning a mission related to the planet Venus, which is currently called 'Shukrayan Mission'.

  • Akatsuki (Year 2015- Japan)

  • Venus Express (2005 - European Space Agency)

  • NASA's Magellan (1989)

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