NATO- Russia talk fails

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The talks between the 30 member western military alliance North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Russia held at Brussels, Belgium on 12 January 2022 ended in a deadlock.

NATO- Russia talk fails

  •  The talks were held under the NATO-Russia Council Platform .The Secretary General of NATO, General Jens Stoltenberg said that it was impossible to meet the Russian demands regarding expansion of NATO and threat to Ukraine.
  • The Russian delegation was led by deputy foreign minister, Aleksandr V. Grushko.

Russia had earlier submitted a list of demands to the United States which leads the NATO military alliance before the NATO -Russia Council platform meeting 

The Russian demands were:

  • A formal halt to NATO’s eastern enlargement. It means that NATO shall not make Ukraine, Georgia and Finland its members.
  • A permanent freeze on further expansion of the alliance’s military infrastructure (such as bases and weapons systems) in the former Soviet allies which are now a part of NATO(these countries are Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Montenegro) 
  • End to Western military assistance to Ukraine and a ban on intermediate-range missiles deployment in Europe.

Gen. Stoltenberg said it would be impossible for the 30 NATO members to agree to Moscow’s core demands for a new security order in Europe, and in particular added that Russia would have no veto on Ukraine’s right to eventually join the alliance.

Russia has already deployed around 100,000 troops at the Ukraine border and Western intelligence agency has warned that Russia plans to invade Ukraine. Russia denies that it has such a plan.

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