Paraguay's Colorado Party's Santiago Peña wins presidential election

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Paraguay's Colorado Party's Santiago Peña wins presidential election

Santiago Peña, an economist from Paraguay's ruling conservative Colorado party, won the country's presidential election.

An Overview of the News

  • The election was decided in a single round of voting, and with nearly all ballots counted, Santiago Peña received over 42% of the vote.

  • His main challenger, Efrain Alegre, who represented the Concertación Nacional coalition, received about 28% of the vote.

  • The Colorado Party has been the dominant political force in Paraguay for more than 70 years, and Santiago Peña's victory solidified its hold on power.

  • Despite an expected economic growth of more than 4% this year, Paraguay still struggles with high levels of poverty and corruption.

About Paraguay

  • It is a country located in the middle of South America. It is a landlocked country, bordered by Argentina, Brazil and Bolivia.

  • Asuncion is the capital of Paraguay and is situated on the banks of the Paraguay River.

  • Official languages - Paraguayan Guarani, Spanish

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