Passport service day

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Every year, Passport Seva Divas is celebrated on 24th June.

  • The day is observed to commemorate the enactment of the Passport Act on June 24, 1967.

  • On Passport Seva Divas, the Government of India clarified that the process of production of chip-enabled e-passports is underway which will help strengthen the security of Indian travel to a great extent.

  • The personal details of the applicants will be stored in the chips and they will be digitally signed.

  • It will have 64 KB of memory space. About 30 international trips will be stored in this chip.

  • Passport act

  • The Passport Act describes the procedures for obtaining an Indian passport.

  • This Act replaced the British Indian Passport and Passport Act, 1920.

  • As per Article 9 of the Indian Constitution, this Act does not allow dual citizenship.

  • According to this act, if a person has acquired foreign citizenship, he has to surrender his passport.

  • The passports to be issued under the Passport Act are as follows -

  • official passport

  • ordinary passport

  • diplomatic passport


  • India ranks 84th in the list of the world's strongest passports.

  • According to the 'Henley Passport Index', people holding an Indian passport can travel to 59 countries without a prior visa.

  • According to the 'Henley Passport Index', the most powerful passports are those of Singapore and Japan. People holding passports of these two countries can enter about 192 countries without a visa.

  • At the bottom of this index is the passport of Afghanistan.

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