PM will inaugurate the Sant Tukaram Shila Mandir at Dehu in Pune

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Sant Tukaram Shila Mandir in the temple town of Dehu in Pune district on 14 June.

  • About the Shila Mandir

  • The shila refers to a rock that is currently in the Dehu Sanatan temple complex, and has been the starting point of Wari, the annual pilgrimage to Pandharpur for centuries.

  • Bhakti saint Tukaram sat on this rock for 13 consecutive days when challenged about the authenticity of the abhyangas he had written.

  • About Sant Tukaram

  • Tukaram was born in Maharashtra. His full name was Tukaram Bolhoba Ambile.

  • He was a 17th-century poet-saint who lived with Maratha ruler Shivaji Maharaj.

  • His poetry was dedicated to Vithoba or Vitthala, an avatar of Vishnu (Hindu God).

  • He is best known for his Marathi Abangas (dohas), a rich legacy of gathas (devotional poetry).

  • He was also instrumental in laying the foundation of Maratha nationalism.

  • He emphasised community based worship through spiritual melodies called Kirtans.

  • The Warkari sect

  • Sant Tukaram and his works are at the heart of the Varkari sect spread across Maharashtra.

  • His message about a casteless society and his denial of customs had given rise to a social movement.

  • Sant Tukaram has credit for starting the Wari pilgrimage.

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