Rajasthan to start sand mining

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 River sand bed (bajri) mining will start in Rajasthan after it received clearance from the Union Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change.

  • The Supreme Court had on November 16, 2017, restrained 82 large lease holders in the State from carrying out mining of riverbed sand as it affected the river ecosystem.

  • The Supreme Court in its order banned the sand bed mining until a scientific replenishment study was completed and the Union Ministry of Environment and Forest granted the clearance.

  • After the clearance from the Union Environment ministry, mining will start in almost all riverbeds of the State after the completion of necessary formalities. 

River Bed Sands or Bajri 

River sand bed is mixed with cement for construction of buildings. River sand is preferred for construction because it requires less processing and has better quality than other sources. 

 Ecological Problems 

Indiscriminate river sand bed mining  comes at a huge cost to the river and those living around it.

  •  Excessive sand mining can alter the river bed, force the river to change course, erode banks and lead to flooding.

  • It also destroys the habitat of aquatic animals and micro-organisms besides affecting groundwater recharge.

  • Government rules say that the amount of sand which is to be extracted shall be equal to the replenishment level. 

  • Replenishment Rate is the rate at which Bajri is transported into the river channel, which is subjected to sand extraction. 

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