Rice bran promoted as staple food amid food crisis in China

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China has started promoting rice bran as a staple food amid the food crisis in the country, as the food crisis remains a significant issue in China from 2020.

An overview of the news

  • China's National Rural Industry Development Plan (2020–2025) was formulated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in 2020 to encourage the full utilization of by-products such as rice bran and wheat bran.

Rice Bran

  • Rice bran is the brown outer layer of the rice kernel, which is mainly composed of the pericarp, aleuron, seed coat, and germ.

  • It contains 50% carbohydrate (starch), 20% fat, 15% protein and 15% dietary fiber (DF), which is mainly insoluble fiber.

  • It contains 14-18% oil.

  • Rice bran oil is a good source of unsaturated fats, vitamin E, and other important nutrients.

  • It is mostly used as animal feed.

Why is China focusing on Rice Bran?

  • Global warming is a major factor contributing to the growing food problem in China, as well as the loss of agriculturally productive land.

  • One-fifth of the world's population lives in China. Only 11 percent of the country's land is considered ideal for agriculture.

  • The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has also had a negative impact on China's food supply system.

  • The Covid-induced disruption has created an already dire situation on the food front.

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