Singapore on top and India at 80th position in Henley Passport Index 2023


Singapore-on-top-and-India-at-80th-position-in-Henley-Passport-Index-2023Singapore has topped the Henley Passport Index 2023, becoming the most powerful passport in the world.

An Overview of the News

  • Singapore passport holders are granted visa-free access to an impressive 192 out of 227 global travel destinations.

  • Three European countries, namely Germany, Italy and Spain, now rank second in the index. Their passports provide visa-free access to 190 destinations.

  • Japan, which held the top position for the last five years, is now ranked third in the index. Apart from this, Austria, Finland, France, Japan, South Korea, Luxembourg, and Sweden are also in third place, their passport holders can travel to 189 destinations without visa.

India's rank in Henley Passport Index

  • India has shown remarkable progress on the Henley Passport Index, improving its ranking by 5 places as compared to the previous year.

  • India is currently ranked 80th along with Togo and Senegal.

  • Indian passport holders now enjoy visa-free access to 57 countries, reflecting the country's enhanced global travel privileges.

Pakistan ranks 100th on the Henley Passport Index and its passport gives holders visa-free access to 33 destinations.

About Henley Passport Index

  • Introduced by Dr. Christian H. Kaelin, President of Henley & Partners, almost 20 years ago.

  • It calculates passport rankings based on exclusive and official data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  • The index considers the number of destinations that passport holders can travel to without prior visas.

  • The methodology used by the Henley Passport Index differs from other passport rankings, such as those published by financial advisors Arton Capital.

  • The index relies entirely on data from the International Air Transport Association to determine its rankings.

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