Spanish government passes law providing 'menstrual leave' for the first time in Europe

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Spain's government approved a law providing paid medical leave for women suffering from severe menstrual pain, a first in any European country.

An overview of the news

  • Such facilities are currently available in Japan, Indonesia and Zambia.

  • According to the law, as much leave is needed for any female employee in case of illness, as much leave is required to deal with the pain during periods, no matter what field it is related to.

  • According to the rules like paid leave found in other health related problems, approval should be given to get treatment from the doctor even during the period.

  • However, the new law does not specify the number of days leave should be given by doctors during periods.

Other countries providing menstrual leave

  • Indonesia passed a law in 2003 that gives women the right to two days of paid menstrual leave per month without prior notice.

  • In Japan, a 1947 law states that companies must agree to provide women with menstrual leave if they request for it.

  • In South Korea, women are entitled to one day of unpaid menstrual leave per month. Employers who refuse face fines.

  • In Taiwan, the Gender Equality in Employment Act entitles women to three days of menstrual leave per year.

  • Zambia passed a law in 2015 allowing women to take a day off without notice during menstruation.

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