The “Diwali Stamp-Power of One” awarded to four veteran diplomats and a US lawmaker at the United Nations

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The “Diwali Stamp-Power of One” awarded to four veteran diplomats and a US lawmaker

Four veteran diplomats and a US lawmaker have been honoured with this year's annual 'Diwali- Power of One' award at the United Nations (UN) Headquarter at New York, US on 5 December for their efforts in working towards a peaceful and secure world. 

The award, which is also known as the  ‘Oscars of Diplomacy', is presented to former  top diplomats of the United Nations or a member state  for their  effort to help form a more perfect, peaceful and secure world for all."  

The award was established by Diwali Foundation USA. The Diwali foundation USA was founded in 2017 to promote a peaceful and consensus based process to achieve societal goods. 

Award Winner 2022

Former Permanent Representative of Georgia to the UN Kaha Imnadze,

Former Permanent Representative of Grenada to the United Nations Keisha McGuire,

Former Permanent Representative of Bulgaria to the UN Georgi Velikov Panayotov,

Former Permanent Representative of Benin to the UN Jean-Claude do Rego,

Former Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives Eliot Lance Engel.

Speaking on the occasion, the President of the 77th session of the General Assembly Csaba Korosi of Hungary said that Diwali marks the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, “much like we intend to achieve here at the United Nations.”   


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