US to diplomatic boycott Beijing winter olympics

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The US has announced a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China, a move that has been heavily criticised by Beijing.

The White House said no official delegation would be sent to the Games because of concerns about China's human rights record especially its treatment of Uighur muslim in Xinjinag provinces.

However American sports persons will participate in the winter  olympic games.

Following the US announcement, New Zealand  and Australia also announced a diplomatic boycott of the games though their athletes be  participating in the games.

Winter Olympics Games 

The winter olympics games are organised every fours by the International Olympic Committee .

The games include sports which are played on snow and ice.

The Summer and Winter olympics were organised by the International Olympics Committee in the same year but in 1986 it was decided to hold the two games separately on separate four-year cycles in alternating even-numbered years.

So after the 1992 winter games next was the Winter games held in 1994 while the Summer Olympics was held in 1996 after 1992.

The first Winter Olympic Games was held in  1924 at Chamonix, France.

24th Games will be held in Beijing, China 2022.

25th games will be held in Milan–Cortina d'Ampezzo , Italy.

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