Wangala festival in Meghalaya

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Wangala festival in Meghalaya

In Meghalaya the three-day Wangala festival celebration concluded on 12 November, 2022. This 3 day festival started on 10th November and ended on 12th November.

About Wangala festival

  • It is also known as the festival of ‘100 drums’, is a harvest festival celebrated by the ‘Garo Tribes’ in Meghalaya every year.

  • It is celebrated with a variety of dances to the tune of folk songs played on drums and primitive flutes made of buffalo horns.

  • This festival is celebrated in worship of the Sun God and marks the end of the long harvest season.

  • The festival also marks the end of long working days in the field for the Garo tribe before the arrival of winter.

  • The festival is a way to preserve and promote the cultural identity of the Garo tribe of Meghalaya and showcase their tradition.

About Garo Tribes

  • The Garos are Meghalaya's second largest tribe. Khasi and Jaintia tribes are the other two major tribes of Meghalaya.

  • The Garos are believed to have originated in Tibet.

  • However, Christianity has had a significant impact on the culture of the modern Garo community.

  • The Garos have many dialects and cultural groups. Each of them originally settled in a particular area of the Garo Hills.

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