Women 20 summit begins at Mahabalipuram near Chennai

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Mahabalipuram near Chennai.  An Overview of the NewsThe third and final working group of the summit on W-20 began at Mahabalipuram near Chennai.

An Overview of the News

  • The conference also emphasised the importance of women's health and gender empowerment, and the role of families in supporting the rights of children.

  • Emphasis was placed on the private sector to actively participate and contribute positively in gender-specific planning.

  • The first session focused on the convergence of women's health, gender equality, and social and economic development in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • The 2nd Women 20 (W20) International Meeting was held on 13 April in Jaipur, Rajasthan and the meeting was attended by 120 women leaders from 18 G20 countries.

About the G20

  • It is an international forum of the world's leading economies established in 1999.

  • Its primary objective is to promote international financial stability and sustainable economic growth.

  • The G20 serves as a forum to discuss and coordinate policies related to a wide range of economic and financial issues such as trade, investment, employment, energy and climate change.

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