World Bank launches its first road safety project in South Asia

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first-road-safety-project-in-South-AsiaThe World Bank (WB) launched its first dedicated road safety project in South Asia with a USD 358 million financing agreement signed in Dhaka with the government of Bangladesh on 14th June. 

An overview of the news

  • The project seeks to improve road safety and reduce fatalities and injuries from road crashes in selected cities, high-risk highways, and district roads

Implementation on National Highways

  • The project will focus on two national highways in Bangladesh: Gazipur-Elenga (N4) and Natore-Nawabganj (N6). 

  • These highways will serve as the primary sites for implementing various road safety measures. 

  • The aim is to achieve a substantial reduction of over 30 percent in road traffic deaths on these two highways.

Infrastructure Enhancements

  • To enhance road safety and reduce accidents and fatalities, the project will include the construction of essential infrastructure elements along the Gazipur-Elenga and Natore-Nawabganj highways. 

  • These improvements will encompass the installation of road signs, dividers, footpaths, zebra crossings, speed breakers, and bus bays. 

  • By implementing these measures, the project aims to create safer road environments in the five divisions of Bangladesh: Dhaka, Khulna, Rajshahi, Rangpur, and Mymensingh.

Emergency Services and Trauma Care

  • The project will introduce innovative emergency services, including the use of bike-ambulances equipped with a toll-free number. 

  • These services will ensure swift transportation of road crash victims to hospitals, improving their chances of receiving timely medical attention. 

  • Additionally, trauma care facilities in selected district hospitals and Upazila Health Complexes will be upgraded to enhance the quality of care provided to accident victims.

Speed Control Measures and Institutional Strengthening

  • To regulate speed and curb reckless driving, the project will install closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems along the roads and develop an electric messaging system. 

  • It will also allocate resources for patrol vehicles and crash site cleaning equipment. 

  • Furthermore, the project aims to support the Bangladeshi government in strengthening its institutions to effectively manage road safety across the country.

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