World Hydrography Day 2023

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World-Hydrography-Day-2023World Hydrography Day is an annual celebration held on June 21st to raise awareness about hydrography and its significance. 

An overview of the news

  • The primary objective of hydrography is to measure water depth and identify navigational hazards such as wrecks and rocks. 

  • This is accomplished through various methods, including the use of specialized boats with echo sounders and sonars, laser-equipped survey aircraft, and satellite observations.

Theme of 2023

  • The theme for World Hydrography Day 2023 is "Hydrography – underpinning the digital twin of the ocean." 

  • This theme emphasizes the interconnectedness of hydrography and oceanography in creating a virtual representation of the ocean known as the "digital twin."

Background of the day

  • It was established by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) to highlight the importance of hydrography in marine conservation and safe navigation.

  • The concept of World Hydrography Day was proposed by the IHO in 2005, and it was officially adopted by the UN General Assembly through Resolution A/RES/60/30 Oceans and the Law of the Sea.

What is Hydrography?

  • Hydrography also involves the calculation of tides and currents in oceans and seas. 

  • It is considered an applied science that supports navigation safety, economic growth, security and defense, scientific research, and the understanding of ocean physics.

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