World Obesity Day

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World Obesity Dayis celebrated every year on 4th March all over the world.

News Overview

  • The theme of World Obesity Day in 2023 is "Changing Views: Let's Talk About Obesity (Changing Attitudes: Let's Talk About Obesity)."

  • The purpose of this theme is to overcome the menace of prejudice, to cooperate people and to motivate them to solve the problem.

  • According to a 2035 report by the World Obesity Federation (World Obesity Federation) on World Obesity Day, the world's population may be victims of earlier.

  • By 2035, 1 out of every 4 may be a victim of disturbance. About 51 percent of people may be overweight compared to their age.

  • World Obesity Day was launched in 2015 as an annual campaign that aims to promote practical actions to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and help address the global outlook crisis.

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