6-year-old Indian girl Takshavi sets world record for lowest limbo skating

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6-year-old Takshavi Vaghan from Ahmedabad, Gujarat made the world record for lowest limb skating.

An Overview of the News

  • On April 18, 2024, the remarkable 6-year-old prodigy from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, displayed extraordinary agility, effortlessly crossing a distance of 25 meters with a minimum clearance of only 16 cm (6.29 inches) from the ground.

  • Guinness World Records (GWR) confirmed Takshavi's record and shared a video of his achievement.

  • The video shows Takshavi completing the limbo skating challenge with ease.

Previous record holder: Manasvi Vishal

  • Before Takshvi, the record for lowest limbo skating of more than 25 meters was held by Manasvi Vishal of Pune, India.

  • Manasvi achieved this feat by covering a distance of 25 meters at a height of 16.5 centimeters from the ground.

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