Ashadhi Bij - The Kutch community's New Year

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Ashadhi Beej is celebrated every year on the second day of the month of Ashadha as Hindu New Year by the Kutch community in the Kutch region of Gujarat.

  • Important facts

  • In 2022, it was celebrated on 1 July. It is also known as Kutchi New Year.

  • Kutchi New Year is a traditional festival and is celebrated in homes.

  • This festival marks the beginning of rains in the Kutch region of Gujarat.

  • During Ashadhi seed, the humidity in the atmosphere is tested to predict which crop will do better in the coming monsoon.

  • Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi and other regional deities are worshipped on this occasion.

  • In other parts of Gujarat, the Hindu New Year is celebrated on Kartik Shukla Paksha after Diwali.

  • Rann of Kutch

  • The Rann of Kutch in India is located in the Thar Desert biogeographic region in the Indian state of Gujarat. This area is also spread in the Sindh province of Pakistan.

  • The Rann of Kutch covers a vast area of about 10,000 square miles and is located between the Gulf of Kutch and the mouth of the Indus River in southern Pakistan.

  • In the north-east corner of the Rann of Kutch is the Luni River, which originates from Rajasthan.

  • The Rann of Kutch is counted among the wetlands of India.

  • The Gulf of Kutch lies to the west of this region and the Gulf of Khambhat is to the east.

  • The region is home to a large population of the wild Asian donkey, which is a member of the wild horse family.

  • The Indian Wild Ass Sanctuary is famous for the Chote Rann of Kutch.

  • The Rann of Kutch is the only region in India that gives refuge to migratory flamingos.

  • The region is home to a total of 13 species of lark.

  • Some of the other bird species found in the marshlands of Kutch include Ibis, Spoonbill, Common Crane, Pelican etc.

  • The Biosphere Reserve of the Rann of Kutch is considered an important area for the conservation of critically endangered vulture species.

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