"Hermit" - A new spyware

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Lookout, a cloud-based security company, recently discovered a new spyware called "Hermit".

  • Important facts

  • Hermit spyware is capable of affecting Android and iOS devices.

  • As TechCrunch reports, security researchers from Lookout have reported that national governments have used the Android version of Hermit spyware in "targeted attacks" in Kazakhstan and Italy.

  • Hermit spyware

  • Hermit is a commercial spyware and has been used by governments in northern Syria, Kazakhstan and Italy.

  • It was first detected in Kazakhstan in April 2022, when the government violently suppressed protests against its policies.

  • It was also deployed in Syria's north-eastern Kurdish region and by Italian authorities for anti-corruption investigations.

  • How does Hermit work?

  • According to the report, the Hermit Android app is distributed via text message.

  • The message seems to be coming from a legitimate source.

  • The malware can impersonate telecommunications companies and other apps developed by manufacturers such as Oppo and Samsung.

  • Malware Effects on Android and iOS Devices

  • The Hermit Android malware is modular because it allows spyware to download additional components that are required for the malware to run.

  • Like other spyware, Hermit malware also uses various modules to record audio as well as collect call logs, messages, photos, emails.

  • It can redirect phone calls and reveal the exact location of the device.

  • Spyware

  • Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on a computer and collects information about users in the non-knowledge of them.

  • The presence of spyware is usually hidden from users.

  • Spyware is secretly installed on users' personal computers.

  • Spyware collects a variety of personal information, such as Internet surfing habits and the sites that are visited.

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