Atlantic storm Eunice pummels Europe

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An Atlantic storm with a speed up to 196 Km battered North -Western Europe on 18 February 2022 killing at least 9 people .

  • The storm named Eunice developed in the Atlantic ocean and struck England, and created havoc there  . It led to the  closure of airports, rail and road networks and death of people .

  •  The storm also affected Wales, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands ,and Germany.

  •  The storm is now headed towards Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe.

  • The name Eunice was coined by the United Kingdom Meteorological office and the next storm which will hit the United Kingdom will be called Franklin .

What is the United Kingdom/Scandinavia/Nordic  Countries 

England , Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are together called the United Kingdom

While England , Wales and Scotland are part of Great Britain.

The Queen of England is the head of the United Kingdom and Great Britain.


It is a part of Northern Europe which consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark . These countries were once part of a common Kingdom . 

Greenland, which is a Danish territory, and the Faroe Islands, which is a self-governing part of Denmark, are also included in the list.

Nordic countries 

The term Norden refers to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These form a group of countries having  similarities with one another and are distinct from the rest of Europe . They are also called Norse countries .

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