Bedti-Varda river interlinking project

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Two environmental groups in Karnataka have criticised the Bedati and Varada river-linking project, calling it unscientific and a waste of public money.

  • Bedti-Varda Project

  • The Bedati-Varda project was envisaged in the year 1992 for the supply of drinking water.

  • The plan aims to connect the Bedati, a west-flowing river towards the Arabian Sea, with the Varada, a tributary of the Tungabhadra River, which joins the Krishna River and drains into the Bay of Bengal.

  • A huge dam will be built at Hirewadti in Gadag district.

  • A second dam will be built on the Pattanahalla river at Menasagoda in Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district.

  • Both the dams will carry water through tunnels to Varada.

  • The water will reach Kengre and then flow down a 6.88 km tunnel to Hakkalumane, where it will join the Varada.

  • Thus, the project envisages carrying water from Sirsi-Yellapur region of Uttara Kannada district to arid regions of Raichur, Gadag and Koppal districts.

  • Project related issues

  • Difficulty in re-routing - Redirecting a west-flowing river to east-flowing is a difficult task.

  • Rivers dependent on rainwater – In early summer, the Bedati and Varda rivers start drying up.

  • Lack of proper project report

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