Colombia and Venezuela reopen border crossing after 7 years

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Colombia and Venezuela on 26 September 2022 reopened their border after years of impasse and also re-established diplomatic relations.

The reopening was a key campaign promise of the left-wing Colombian President Gustavo Petro, who assumed office last month. 

Colombian President Gustavo Petro and the Venezuelan delegation accompanied the first cargo truck to cross the Simon Bolivar bridge that connects both the countries.

Why were the Border crossing closed ?

The Simon Bolivar Bridge had officially been closed to trade for nearly seven years. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered border crossings closed in 2015 as a crackdown on smuggling.

In 2019, tensions between the two countries rose after the right wing government in Colombia attempted to deliver aid to the right wing Venezuelan opposition who are opposed to the left wing President Maduro.


It is located in North West South America.

Colombia is the world’s largest producer of emeralds and one of South America’s largest producers of gold.

Capital: Bogota

Currency: Colombian peso 

President: Gustavo Petro


 It is located at the northern end of South America.

World’s highest waterfall, Angel Fall (979 meters) is in Venezuela. 

Capital: Caracas 

Currency: bolívar soberano

President: Nicolás Maduro

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