"Global Liveability Index" 2022

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Austria's capital Vienna has been ranked first as the world's most livable city in the annual Global Liveability Index released by The Economist magazine.

  • 140 cities of the world have been assessed in this index.

  • The cities in this list have been ranked on the basis of many factors including political and social stability, crime, access to education and healthcare.

  • Delhi (112) topped the 6 South Asian cities followed by Mumbai (117).

  • Pakistan's financial capital Karachi and Bangladesh's capital Dhaka were ranked among the least livable cities in the world.

  • The Chinese capital Beijing is at number 71.

  • Damascus, the capital of Syria, is ranked at the bottom of the list.

  • Top 10 Cities -

  • 1. Vienna (Austria)

  • 2. Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • 3. Calgary (Canada)

  • 4. Zurich (Switzerland)

  • 5. Vancouver (Canada)

  • 6. Geneva (Switzerland)

  • 7. Frankfurt (Germany)

  • 8. Toronto (Canada)

  • 9. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • 10. Osaka (Japan)

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