Govt issues preventive guidelines for schools to combat ill-effects of heat-wave

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The Ministry of Education issued guidelines regarding precautions to be observed by schools to combat the ill-effects of the heatwave.

  • The ministry said in the guidelines, the school timings may start early and end before noon.

  • Timings can be from 7.00 a.m. and the number of school hours per day can be reduced.

  • Sports or other outdoor activities that expose students to direct sunlight can be accommodated appropriately in the morning hours.

  • School meetings should be held in a covered area or in classrooms with less time.

  • The school bus or van should not be overcrowded.

  • Drinking water and a first aid kit should be available in buses and vans.

  • Students coming to school on foot or bicycle should be advised to keep their head covered.

  • The school bus or van can be parked in a shady place.

  • Students should carry their own water bottles, caps and umbrellas and use them when out in the open.

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