Punjab promoting green manure

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The Punjab agriculture department is promoting the cultivation of green manure these days. 

  • Punjab Agro is providing subsidy on the seed at the rate of Rs 2,000 per quintal, which costs Rs 6,300 per quintal without subsidy.

  • The farmers can avail its seed from the block level offices of the agriculture department as limited stock is available.

  • About Green Manure

  • Green manure is a technique employed in agriculture to raise soil fertility. 

  • It serves as mulch and soil fertilizers.

  • They are normally incorporated back into the soil, either directly, or after removal and composting. 

  • Types of green manure

  1. Dhaincha

  2. Cowpea

  3. Sunhemp

  • Also some crops such as summer moong, mash pulses and guar act as green manure. 

  • Benefit of green manure

  • It helps in enhancing the organic matter in the soil.

  • it meets the deficiency of the micronutrients and reduces the consumption of the inorganic fertilisers etc.

  • It is a good alternative to organic manure and it conserves nutrients, increases nitrogen content and stabilises soil structure.

  • It decomposes rapidly and liberates large quantities of carbon dioxide. 

  • Green manure crops naturally have the ability to suppress weed growth, hence preferred by farmers.

  • It helps in improving the overall soil structure by providing porosity and aeration in the soil.

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