HCHF and Ladakh Tourism Department organised the annual Ethnic Mamani Festival

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In Ladakh, the Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation (HCHF) and the Ladakh Tourism Department organised the annual Ethnic Mamani Festival at the historic Satyang Kung village and Chiktan Shagran on 22 January.

An overview of the news

  • Steyang Kung village is about 500 years old and is still preserved and being developed as one of the heritage villages in Ladakh.

  • The history of Mamani Festival in Ladakh is linked to the ancient tradition of offering food to departed family members.

  • During Mamni, people exchange food with their relatives and neighbours and worship a variety of spirits (Lha).

  • These festivals have helped in reviving more than 35 cuisines of Kargil Ladakh.

  • Dr. Ghulam Mehdi, Principal Scientist, KVK Kargil was the chief guest on the occasion and the program executive AIR Kargil Annendra Singh was the guest of honour and Maj. Dr. Raja C. was the guest of honour.

Significance of the festival

  • The festival has great cultural significance as it allows communities to bond together and celebrate their shared heritage.

  • It also facilitates communal harmony as members of both Buddhist and Muslim communities in Ladakh participate in the festival, which strengthens social harmony in the region.

  • In 2018, the Himalayan Cultural Heritage Foundation along with Anayat Ali Shotopa formally took the responsibility to organise the festival at various locations in order to preserve the heritage in the region.

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