Helina Missile’s Testing Successful! Now It can hit the enemy tank accurately even in the dark

Tags: National Defence

India successfully test-fired the anti-tank guided missile HELINA on 11 April. This missile was tested by Advanced Light Helicopter in the high altitude area of Ladakh, which has been a complete success.

  • This missile works on the principle of fire and forget. This means forget it after launch, as they are able to reach their target.

  • This missile works on Infrared Imaging System.

  • During the test, this missile accurately hit a simulated tank. The missile was launched from an Advanced Light Helicopter.

  • Its testing has been done in Pokhran.

  • Earlier, this missile was also successfully tested at Pokhran firing range in Rajasthan. India has another anti-tank missile named Nag. Both the missiles can be fired from helicopters and both have a range of 7 km.

  • According to the Ministry of Defence, DRDO, Indian Air Force and Army have jointly carried out this test.

Features of the missile:

  • It can be fired in any season.

  • This missile is capable of hitting the target accurately even in the dark night and can destroy enemy tanks.

  • They are capable of targeting enemy tanks in two ways. One it can hit the target straight and the other can target the tank in top attack mode.

India has recently released a list of 101 such weapons and systems which have been banned from importing from other countries. This ban is for the next five years. India's objective behind doing this is to make itself self-reliant in the field of defence.

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