India became World’s Largest Recipient of Remittances

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India has recently become the largest recipient of remittances across the world. According to the World Bank, it received USD 87 billion in 2021.

Important facts

  • India is followed by China and Mexico, each with USD 53 billion in remittances.

  • According to the central bank survey, the share of remittances from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)inward remittances in India has declined from over 50% in 2016-17 to 30 per cent in 2020-21.

  • Migration from India to the GCC region, strict labour laws, high work permit renewal fees, slowing oil prices and taxes have led to a decline in remittances from Gulf countries to India.

  • The share of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has come down to half in 2020-2021. Previously, these states dominated the GCC region and were major contributors to remittances. These states account for 25% of the total remittances since 2016-17.

  • Maharashtra has become the largest recipient state, surpassing Kerala.

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