India Israel to celebrate 30 years of diplomatic relation

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India and Israel have started a series of events to mark the 30 years of establishment of diplomatic relationship between the two countries .

 Both the countries have released a logo which features Ashok Chakra of India and Star of David of Israel.  These symbols are there on the flags of India and Israel respectively.

The logo was designed by Nikhil Kumar Rai of India.

India and Israel established diplomatic relations in 1992 .


The modern state of Israel was set up as a country for the Jews . It was set up after the partitoning of the Muslim majority Palestine.  It proclaimed its Independence on 14 May 1948 which was opposed by the Palestinians and Arab States.

India recognised  Israel on 17 September 1950 but no diplomatic relationship was established with Israel as a protest to its treatment of Palestinians and India’s support to Palestaninan cause . India support setting up of an independent Palestinian state ,which Israel opposes .

India established diplomatic relations with Israel and opened  its diplomatic mission in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1992.

Capital of Israel: Jerusalem. Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital but many countries including India see it as a disputed territory.

Tel Aviv is considered as the capital of Israel by a majority of countries.

Parliament of Israel: Knesset

Currency of Israel: Shekel 

Prime Minister of Israel: Nefatli Bennet.

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